Hz. Badrudduja Munawwari Felicitated

Hz Syed Mehmood Badrudduja Munawwari felicitated in Musheerabad
On Sunday 25 October 2009, Hazrat Moulana Syed Mehmood Badrudduja Munawwari Sahab (caretaker Committee Daira Hz Roshan Munawwar RZ)
was felicitated after Isha prayers in a grand function jointly organised by ‘The Trustee Board Mehdavia Club Musheerabad’ and ‘Idara Tableegh-e-Mehdavia Musheerabad’ at Bahadur Yar Jung Hall Musheerabad, Hyderabad.

Peer-O-Murshid Hz Moulana Syed Mehmood Badrudduja Munawwari returned to Hyderabad after successful completion of his higher education from Al-Azhar University Cairo, Egypt. Currently he is the only scholar in the entire community to do masters from this prestigious University of the Islamic world. He is son of the Late ‘Qateeb-e-Millath’ Peer-O-Murshid Hz Abul Ashfaq Syed Abdul Hai Sahab Rashed Munawwari RA (founder President Majlis-e-Ittehad-e-Millath). He is a descendant of (Mubashar-e-Mehdi AS) Hz Bandagi Miran Syed Abdul Hai ‘Roshan Munawwar RZ’ the first and the eldest son of Hz Bandagi Miran Syed Mehmood ‘Sani-e-Mehdi’ RZ and the Grandson of Imamuna Mehdi AS and Hz Bibi Syeda Allahdadi RZ).
  Bahadur Yar Jung Hall was full with the audience before the start of the function. Numbar of Murshideen-e-Kiraam of Hyderabad graced the function of felictitaion with their presence, apart from the officials and members of ‘The Trustee Board Mehdavia Club Musheerabad’ and ‘Idara Tableegh-e-Mehdavia Musheerabad’ people from different walks of life marked their presence in the function.
The event started with the beautiful and soul rendering Qiraat-e-Kalaam-e-Paak by Hafiz-O-Qari Master Syed Sehban Khundmiri Sahab, his beautiful recitation with an enchanting voice and style of Qiraat moved the packed audience of hundreds of people which overflowed the community hall. Later the session of garlanding the Peer-O-Murshid started and it lasted more than an hour, people from various places and different walks of life came to felicitate this young scholar of the community. After his felicitation Moulana Hz Syed Mehmood Badrudduja Muanawwar Sahab recommended Janab Mohammed Omar Chand Bhai (Advisor of Idara and the man behind the registration and establishment of Jam’e Mehdavia Zaheerabad) should also be felicitated for his outstanding contribution to the Ja’me and moreover Master Hafiz-O-Qari Syed Sehban Khundmir Sahab was also garlanded in the function for his masterly Qiraat.
The Murshideen-e-kiraam also spoke on this occasion and atlast Moulana Hz Syed Mehmood Badrudduja Munawwar was invited to address the fully packed audience were eagerly waiting for his speech. As expected, the Moulana addressed for more than an hour and still the people wanted him to continue, just like when his father was alive the audience used to request him to continue even in the late night. His entire speech was based on the Ahadis of the Noble Prophet SAS but stressed on the last speech given on the Hujjathul Wida by the Noble prophet SAS, ‘adherence to the Holy Book and his ithrath’. The function was concluded on Muqadda tasbeeh late at night.

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