Jalsa Yaad-e-HussainRZ

A grand Jalsa is being organized today the 24th December, 2009 by Committee Naujawan-e-Qaum-e-Mahdavia, Hyderabad at Rahmatia Mansion, Khalla, Chanchalguda, Hyderabad, India. There is separate arrangement for ladies inside the Rahmatia Mansion with a viewing screen to help them connect with the Jalsa. The Jalsa will start with the recitation of a verse from Holy Quran by Mohammed Athar Yazdani Sahab.

The Jalsa will be compered by Janab Mohammed Asghar Khan Sahab.  The following speakers will address the Jalsa tonight:

1. Peer O Murshid Hzt. Syed Dilawar Maqsoosi Sahab Qibla
2. Peer O Murshid Hzt. Syed Mohammed Sarfaraz Mahdi Tashreefullahi Sahab Qibla
3. Peer O Murshid Hzt. Syed Ali Murtuza Faraz Mujtahedi Sahab Qibla
4. Maqsood Ali Khan Sahab
5. Naimatullah Khan Soofi Sahab
6. Mohammed Javed Mahdi Khudawandi Sahab
7. Dr. Aziz Mohammed Khan (Aleem) Sahab

The following Poets will read out their composition:

1. Syed Khwaja Moinuddin Ameer Nusrati Sahab
2. Syed Ali Bequd Sahab

The Naat Khwan who will read the Naat are:

1. Syed Shahbaz Mahdi Sahab
2. Syed Najam Mahdi Sahab

We request all those who are present in Hyderabad and Secunderabad to attend this Jalsa and hear very important and soul stirring speeches from our revered Murshideen and other highly capable speakers.


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