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    Watasimu Billahi Jamiaa

    Janab Javid Hai Nizami urf Jeelani

    Faizaan E Mahdi E Ma'ood(AS) Zindagi Kay Saath Aur Zindagi Kay Baad Hz. Syed Raffath Javeed (Ahle Kaladera)

    Khatim ul Awaliya

    Janab Namdar Khan Bozai

    Ahsan Al Asfar -- A Travel Journal Of Farah { Afghanistan }
    Janab Waheed Ashraf
    Asad ul Ulema Qazi Qaden Rz

    Janab Namdar Khan Bozai

    Janab Waheed Ashraf

    Behsat E Mehdi AS Part 1

    Janab Shahab Mahdi Ali Khan

    Behsat E Mehdi AS Part 2 Janab Shahab Mahdi Ali Khan

    Hamara Aqeedah

    Janab Shahab Mahdi Ali Khan

    Saubat E Sadeqeen

    Janab Shahab Mahdi Ali Khan

    Sahab E Bayyina Aur Shahid

    Janab Namdar Khan Bozai

    Hazrat Abdul Malik Sujawandi RZ

    Janab Syed Waheed Ashraf


    Janab Namdar Khan Bozai

    Saudi Fatawa

    Janab Namdar Khan Bozai

    Adam Shah Kalhoda RA

    Janab Namdar Khan Bozai


    Janab Namdar Khan Bozai
    Masnawi Janab Waheed Ashraf

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    #10 Syed Farhan 2016-09-25 23:11
    As Sallam Wa Alaikum,


    currently Me and my twin brother is pursuing my "PILOT TRAINING" in California,USA. Looking for bride from within mehdavia community.if any of you guys are interested email me @
    syedfarhanabdulfatha@gmail.com. MOB:- (+91)(988054996 7
    #9 syed basheer 2014-08-03 15:08
    assalamalaykum presidnet micc-- dear sir regarding president election next nov 2014 know italk to fast pin point usa or gulf cuntry lot of nri and other no any one intersted anjuman mahdavia what about i m syed basheer as present joint secratary of anjuman and also excutive member of idaraey hayath mumath ishure your the rigt act anjuman live membership authrise all nri and non nri ualable partisepet of voting please pls join the anjuman let gob to start activetive if dastoor given right every mahdavi people like use anjuman only purpose ofnikha certificat diverses and tow public meeting 1-milad dun nabi 2-milad mahdinaude nex -cuntinew, thnanks best regard
    #8 syed yusuf 2013-11-09 14:30
    As Salaam Alaikum

    For very long I have prepared shajra/family tree of farzandan mehdi just to find my family roots but many lineage detail added, now i want make it a complete document for which i need details of other peoples such as khanwadas masnad nashhens and other farzandan's lineage convey this to community peoples to send detail on this mail
    Syed Yusuf
    #7 Syed Khundmir 2013-09-10 12:56
    Dear brother,
    if we open bahsat Mehdi AS part 2, it opening part 1.
    please check and slow problem

    #6 Rashed 2012-11-20 16:25
    very informative site
    #5 meer suhail khan 2012-10-08 02:09
    assalamu alaikum rahematullahi o barkataho.

    i required a book name tarik e sulemani and haqayek o dakayek jild 2 and urs nama. if any body have this book please give me book and take the whatever hadiya if books not there you can give me also xerox copy and take the hadiya.

    your brother in faith

    allah hafiz
    #4 Aliabbas 2012-09-07 01:34
    Assalam Alaikum
    Please let me know how can we download videos from the site

    Palanpur, Gujarat
    #3 Syed Mubashir Alam 2012-07-25 02:21
    Where is Iftar and Sehar timings
    #2 Samiulla Khan 2012-06-17 16:36

    hi, i am working in al-ain , uae
    where u living or working in dubai,
    +3 #1 Mohammed Ali Khan 2012-02-29 07:21

    I need some information or lectures related to women position/ wife and husband relation/wife and husband duties and responsibilitie s in Mahdavia community.

    I highly recommend to post some of this information on websites many of our ladies going through other community websites and they are following the same, we havn't post any information relates to the above said information

    thanking you

    Mohammed Ali Khan
    Dubai, UAE